This Story Proves How We Love to Have a Big Brother

Image via Twitter

Kingsley Morgan is a creative writer, digital marketing executive, tutor, and most of all, a perfect big brother example.

Recently, Kingsley shared his story about helping his 16-year-old brother to impress the girl he likes on their first date. It all started when his younger brother invited his crush over for dinner, so Kingsley decided to cook the girl’s favorite dish since he’s a chef. He made “Coconut-Curried Chicken and Lemongrass White Rice.” After dinner, the girl, who loved the food, asked who came up with the idea to put lemongrass in the rice. Kingsley said it was Keneil, his lil bro, “did it one day and we liked it.” The girl was definitely impressed with Keneil.

According to Kingsley, his brother is usually quiet so his family was excited to see him pursuing the girl. “It was clear that he was trying to impress his date which meant the onus was on myself and my family to share that responsibility as well.”

“We have a very close relationship,” Kingsley told Blavity. ” He considers me his role model and we do everything together. I study with him, we swap stories, he teaches me the latest dance moves in Jamaica, we cook together, go to the movies together — like I said, everything. I’m literally his credible source for confirming or denying anything he sees on the internet; even something as simple as a prank, he seeks my affirmation that it was indeed a prank.”