Student Noticed His Car Had Been Hit, Found a Hilarious Note From a 6th Grader

It’s a kind gesture to leave a note when a car has been hit since it can be very costly to repair a vehicle without the offender’s insurance provider.

Recently, college baseball player Andrew Sipowicz noticed that someone hit and run his car. While he wasn’t there to witness the incident, he discovered a note from an anonymous onlooker who was happy to help him out. The witness was adorably honest in detailing what happened, writing, “If your wondering what happen to your car. Bus: 449 hit your car. It stops here everyday to drop me off. At 5:00pm. What Happened? She was trying to pull off and hit the car. She hit and run. She tried to vear over and squeeze threw but couldn’t. She actually squeezed threw. She made a dent and I saw what happened. Sorry. Driver seat left door. A lady in the bus driver seat 999. Buffalo Public School Bus. A 6th grader at Houghten Academy.”

Sipowicz expressed his gratitude on Twitter, saying, “Shoutout to the anonymous 6th grader for saving me a couple thousand (Bus not drawn to scale).” After he posted the hilarious note, it quickly went viral with people very amused and impressed with the 6th grader.