Talented Artist Creates Working Miniature Objects, Her Detail Is Amazing

We have seen several miniature art pieces, but functional and well-detailed pieces are rare. Sheryl Canter’s creates miniature objects, with extreme attention to even the smallest details.

Not only does she pay extreme attention to details, her objects also have functional parts. They’ve got all the features of what the actual objects have. We see miniature versions of dishwashers, washing machines, blenders, coffee makers, televisions, etc., opening and closing and producing sounds. The washing machine even has a timer on it. They are just like the real-size objects, but scaled down to 12 times smaller than their original image.

How is impressive is her work? Check it out in the gallery below.

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TURN ON THE SOUND!! 🔊 . . I originally posted this video last August, very shortly after I joined Instagram. It's Part 1 of 3, showing the amazing Miele miniatures. . . Many people are asking where to buy these. They're not sold in the US (unless you get very lucky on eBay). Miele is a German company that makes high quality (full-size) appliances. My real life vacuum cleaner was made by Miele. Several years ago, they produced a set of 1:12 scale miniatures that are reproductions of their full-size products. That's what you see here. But unfortunately for American collectors, Miele chose not to distribute them to the US. . . I know they were sold in Europe (were – I've been told they were discontinued last year). I don't know about other parts of the world. . . The way I got the full set was with the help of someone I know in the UK. I bought it from a UK toy store and had it shipped to her (since they wouldn't ship to the US). She shipped it to me, and I reimbursed her for shipping. . . #miniaturist #puppenhaus #poppenhuis #dockskåp #dukkehus #dúkkuna #dollhouse #dollhouses #dollshouse #dollshouses #ドールハウス #dollhouseminiature #dollhouseminiatures #dollshouseminiature #dollshouseminiatures #ミニチュア #dollhouseaccessories #dollshouseaccessories #ミニチュア小物 #minienthusiast #oneinch #minifurniture #miniaturefurniture #minifurnishings #miniaturefurnishings

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