Terry Cook Makes Bird Sculptures Out of Balloons

It doesn’t take much for Terry Cook to get his creative juices flowing. Working predominantly with watercolor, he also loves getting his hands dirty with acrylics, inks, robotics, and anything else, including balloons.

In his latest balloon series, Cook focused on birds, admitting to having somewhat of an obsession when it comes to these animals. “I am obsessed with animals, but especially birds and have been since I was a young lad,” he shared with Ohh Deer. “I’m always making stuff or trying to think of new mediums for art projects and I had played around with balloons in the past after seeing guys make some incredible stuff at the magic society I used to be a member of,” he recalls. “I wanted to make a new project about birds, and for whatever reason, balloons just came to mind.”

Other people seem to enjoy his balloon birds just as well, with his pictures gaining tens of likes each. Each piece takes a couple of hours to complete and then placed against a natural background. But Cook assures his followers no balloons are left in the wild. “I am passionately against careless discard of balloons (or any rubbish for that matter) and never ever leave these in the wild,” he says. 

“I use are Qualatex balloons made from natural latex, they are biodegradable and according to the manufacturer’s website, they break down as quickly as an Oak Leaf,” he adds on his website. “I still have all the deflated balloons used from the different projects, and intend on keeping them until I can think of something cool to do with them.”