The Craziest Dating Sites You Didn’t Know Existed

Meeting a soulmate in the real world is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Dating sites and apps are taking over our romantic lives and more and more of them appear every day. You probably know (and perhaps use) the most popular ones, such as Tinder, Ok Cupid, and Bumble, but there are many others that are marketed to specific groups of people that you have probably never heard of. Here are some of them.

Farmers Only

This is a platform for farmers in search for other farmers to marry and live on their farms.


For all the fans of Star Trek, there’s a dating app where they can meet other fans of the franchise. After all, having shared interests is important in a relationship.


Sizzl is a dating app for bacon lovers. If you’ve always wanted a partner who likes their bacon the same way you do, this is the place to find them.

Shorter Singles

If you want to find a partner who’s on the shorter side, this app provides that.

Taller Singles

The other side of the medal – this is a dating app for men and women taller than 6′.