The Hyper-Realistic Paintings of Kevin Peterson

Houston-based artist, Kevin Peterson, is creating surreal paintings that can easily take you to his fictionalized and, we dare say dystopian, world. In this world of abandoned cities and demolished buildings, you’ll find innocent girls and boys accompanied by packs of wolves, bears, and owls.

According to the artist, his paintings are about life and growing up in this terrifying world.

“My work is about the varied journeys that we take through life,” explained Peterson. “It’s about growing up and living in a world that is broken. These paintings are about trauma, fear and loneliness and the strength that it takes to survive and thrive. They each contain the contrast of the untainted, young and innocent against a backdrop of a worn, ragged, and defiled world.”

It’s impressive how Peterson’s made-up scenes with children and animals look so realistic at the same time. The painter managed to skillfully create futuristic works of art that we can all relate to. Exploring the scary world through the eyes of a child has never looked more real.

Take a look at Peterson’s paintings.