The Internet is Obsessed With Rose Succulents

There are so many different types of succulents, that even plant lovers are finding it hard to keep track. After the trending dolphin and spiral aloe, we want to introduce a brand new trending type that you’ll absolutely love.

Meet the rose succulents, which are as beautiful as they sound. Shaped, of course, as roses Greenovia Dodrentalis features green leaves and is very low-maintenance.

One of the main reasons why people are loving rose succulents so much is because these plants are so easy to take care of. Just like all the other types in the group, they require very little water.

Another thing you won’t have to worry about is light. They can survive in surroundings with limited light exposure. That makes this plant great for any room in the house.

If you really enjoy roses, but you simply can’t find the time to take care of them, buying these succulents is the second best thing to do.