The Vibrant Fashion Illustrations of Anjelica Roselyn Dariah

    Anjelica Roselyn Dariah’s illustrations have a movement to them – a sort of vibrancy that keeps you going. A fashion illustrator as well as a womenswear designer, Dariah makes sure her work grabs everybody’s attention. And with recognition from icons such as Pat McGrath, Marc Jacobs, Moschino, Jeremy Scott, and Anna Sui – it’s clear that the fashion world is taking note.

    As part of her work as an illustrator, she also participates in live illustrations – a performance of sorts which adds to the immediate quality of her work. “I love live illustrating because you don’t have to overthink what you’re drawing – it’s very in the moment,” she told Freelance Wisdom. “Also it’s great to see people’s instant reactions while you’re drawing, and when you finish drawing. Plus it’s great to draw in different environments. I think it’s a great way to make you a well rounded/well experienced illustrator.”

    But though she clearly made a name for herself, she admits that she doesn’t really know the magic key to attracting a client. “However, I believe clients will always hire you because there is something unique about you,” she notes. “If they can hire someone else for doing the exact same thing, then they will. You have to naturally stand out.”

    “Stay inspired and pace yourself,” she recommends. “If you’re constantly burning yourself out then you’re not going to be productive when it’s time to focus.” Sound advice if you ask us.