Thai Model Creates Hilarious Instagram vs. Reality Photo Collages

People tend to make their lives look fabulous on social media and with all the poses, filters, and photoshop, you can trick others. But the question is how far are you capable of going and making your photographs “Instagram acceptable”? We introduce you to a Thai model named Vienna, which creates hilarious “Instagram vs. Reality” photo collages.

There are always two pictures, one touched-up and the other non-edited, just snapped and posted. And the results are hilarious, especially if you can relate to them. After the posts were seen and went viral, Vienna’s social media popularity grew rapidly. She began having new opportunities and was invited to TV shows as well.

Although she currently has more than 178,000 Instagram followers and over 780,700 Twitter fans, she hasn’t been lately posting comparative photographs, she is still “hot” on social media, and her admirers can’t get enough of her images.

To see her images, check out the gallery below. We have chosen the funniest ones. Hope you will like it!