Jena Holliday Will Inspire You to Keep Taking Steps Forward

With summer turning into autumn, and autumn quickly shifting into winter, we’re in dire need for some inspiration to get out of bed and get going. Thankfully, Jena Holliday has got our back, with illustrations, quotes, and mantras that aim to help us overcome our creative slump. Based in Minneapolis, Holliday relies on her background as a graphic artist, illustrator, wife, and mother of two to inspire other people, with women being her primary focus.

“Get out of your own way,” reads one of her Instagram posts. “Get out of your head. Get it on to paper. Work through the doubt. Work through the unknown. Work through uncomfortable moments. Try things you are holding yourself back from doing. Make all the mistakes necessary for you to learn how to keep getting back up. It will help you in the long run.”

“It always seems impossible until it’s done,” reads another quote. “This quote is so encouraging to my heart to remember how I felt before I did it,” adds Holliday underneath her post. “Getting used to that feeling of being uncomfortable is actually the best soil for growth. My encouragement to you is to keep taking steps forward even if they are baby steps! Small progress is still progress.”

In 2019, Holliday received the Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grant which was a great opportunity for her to showcase her work in the Minnesota community. And with more than 10k followers on Instagram, she has clearly inspired lots of people to take steps forward.