These Chocolate Bars are Pure Eye Candy

Creighton’s Chocolaterie makes appetizing chocolate bars in appetizing packaging. Run by mother and daughter duo, Andrea Huntington and Lucy Elliott, their bright and bold chocolate bars are handcrafted and wrapped by an all-female team in the UK.

Their eye-popping designs are inspired by ’90s pop culture, making their chocolates coveted items that also make for neat presents or stocking fillers. Their products include seasonal collections of chocolate bars and gifts, many of which are limited editions. “We use exceptional Belgian chocolate as a base for our creative flavors and designs, adding natural & high-quality inclusions, flavors, and colors along the way,” states their website.

“We started making chocolate in 2010 after a short course with an Italian pastry chef,” the two recalled in an interview with Printed. “Originally we set up in my parent’s garage with some second-hand equipment to practice our skills, but then in 2011, we got the keys to a small shop in the local town center. Over the years we have grown to now have over 150 stockists around the world and we now have a mini-factory (our shop closed last year) where we can make 10,000 chocolate bars a week!”

It’s also good to know that their brand committed to reducing the use of non-recyclable plastic with the majority of their wrappers made from recyclable or reusable material such as paper, card, and aluminum.