These Collages Are the Meaning of Eye-Popping

Johanna Goodman’s collages are something to behold. Experimenting with patterns and textures, her work is highly satisfying, garnering awards from The Society of Publication Design, American Illustration, and Communication Arts.

After studying at Boston University’s School of Fine Art and Parsons School of Design (NYC), where she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration in 1992, she began working as a freelance Illustrator in New York. She has been doing this ever since.

“I grew up in a converted barn on Long Island,” she told AI-AP. “My parents weren’t artists by trade but they were definitely latent artists. They were pretty unconventional and had a reverence for art and artists—they both hung around with the Pop artists in the 60s and went to art openings all the time before I came along and ended that party. We had a lot of art around the house and I spent a whole lot of time drawing.”

“Once, in kindergarten, my friend asked me for my autograph on a drawing I made for her,” she shared. “Drunk on power and fame I decided I wanted to be an artist when I grew up. Since then it’s been all power and fame (or all drunk—I can’t remember).”

When talking about her creative process, Goodman said: “I really dig the process of not being able to plan ahead too much and not knowing what I’ll find to use next. It’s really intuitive and surprising and sometimes totally confounding which is a real treat.”

Take a look.