These Embroideries Remind of Prisms

    Isobel Currie’s embroideries take on a life of their own, performing as 3D structures that remind of colorful prisms. Her embroideries often reference shapes, patterns, and rhythms that she draws from nature, using vibrant progressions and interactions of color to enhance her designs. Each work is closely planned before stitching, as she renders the design in three-dimensions.

    “My inspiration begins with the selection of an embroidery stitch or technique, which I then explore to reveal its shape and form,” writes Currie in her website. “This analysis generates ideas for the theme and structure of the finished work.”

    Since graduating in 1990 from Manchester Polytechnic with an embroidery degree, Currie has been hard at work. But her fascination with textiles began even earlier than that when she was a small child. “I have been a stitcher all my life, having been taught to sew by my mother at the age of three; and have always loved to handle threads and fabrics,” she writes.

    Some of her works also incorporate sheer fabrics. “I use transparent and translucent supporting materials to allow the journey of the stitched threads to be viewed from different angles, revealing the three-dimensional shape of the stitches, and creating continually changing perspectives,” she explains.

    The finished result is nothing short of amazing. Take a look for yourself: