These Glass Lamps Made by Silvia Finiels are Actually Pieces of Art

We can say Venice-based artist Silvia Finiels makes glass lamps and we would not be wrong. However, that would also be a tremendous understatement. While her works are indeed functional glass lamps, they are also unique pieces of art that are comparable to sculptures.

Her pieces are made out of famous Murano glass, which is recognized worldwide for its quality and vivid colors. Most of the time, she actually takes discarded or recycled glass and incorporates it into her glass lamps, adding another layer of intricacy.

“To love glass, you must learn to know it, know its thousand alchemies, study its history and the art of glass great masters, and finally, relate to the skilled artisans like “perlere” and “impiraresse,” she explains on her website.

Fieniels discovered her passion for glass and glassmaking when she moved to Venice a few years ago. Designer by trade, she decided to use her expertise in fashion and style to breathe new life into glass lamp-making and approach the process as an artist. This resulted in one-of-a-kind pieces that are more appreciated for their decorative purpose rather than their original intention.

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