These Illustrations Will Inspire You to Take That Vacation

Uplifting, romantic, and energizing, Pearada Cheepsatayakorn’s illustrations are a reflection of her lifestyle. Inspired by her travels around the world, Cheepsatayakorn captures in loose pen lines and watercolors the places she sees, people she meets, and the food she eats.

“Traveling inspires me,” she shared in an interview with The Smoke Detector. “First off, it does the heart good! I love to slowly indulge and fully appreciate the atmosphere. I always carry a sketchbook with me to capture the moment I love with my drawing.”

With degrees in both Strategic Communications and Architecture, Cheepsatayakorn considers herself a visual storyteller. “The more I see of the world the more stories I have to share,” she explains. “Especially when I travel alone, I get to date the city and I get to see it from a different angle. Every time I change environment, new ideas spark into life.”

Her illustrations provide colorful mementos of her travels and encounters. “I love capturing real-time moments so if I wish I could elongate the moments I want to capture and see every movement in slow motion,” she admits. “I want to see every second in a more detailed way.”