These Lamps Are Made of Paper Maché

Working from home makes us rethink our approach to interior design. And while a full-on renovation isn’t on the cards for us, a small furniture update might do the trick.

Take for instance Maria Fiter’s original lamps. Made from papier-mache, her products oscillate between art and design, with her passion for sculpture visible in her use of organic shapes. Aside from being stylish, her work is also ecological and sustainable, with her designs made of reclaimed paper.

“I wanted to be eco-friendly, and when I learned that paper maché can be made out of newspaper I was very happy that I could reuse what people were throwing away,” explained Fiter in an interview with the Etsy blog. “It’s great when you can reuse things that already exist and give them a second life,” she adds.

Her creative designs add a clever, natural touch to your home in exciting new ways. “I think about people who like natural materials, like paper or wood,” says Fiter. “That’s the kind of person I am; I like these materials in my home, too. I also think about making things that are quite simple in design.”

Below you’ll find some examples:

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Sensi I lamp in Dark English Pink colour.

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