These Mythological Characters Seem Pretty Down to Earth

There’s an underlying coolness to Michael C. Hsiung’s pen illustrations. Centered around fantastical men (from wizards to centaurs, and anything in between), his characters’ signature style includes droopy eyes and impressive facial hair.

Hsiung, a proud mustache owner himself, admits that being an artist has greatly impacted both his personal life and his professional life, in many positive ways. “I’ve finally found something I enjoy doing, that gives me confidence, and has allowed me to meet new and interesting people!” he once remarked in an interview with Another Fine Mess.

Describing himself as an “Asian bum with a mustache who draws pictures,” he adds that he’s always been fascinated by mythology, fantasy, and cryptozoology – themes that are continuously present throughout his work. “It probably started with learning about dinosaurs and Greek Gods that sparked it which later developed into comic book collecting and playing Dungeons & Dragons,” he explains.

“Naturally, when I started drawing I gravitated towards trying to incorporate these influences, passions, and interests into some of my stuff,” he notes, “which eventually lead to centaurs, satyrs, and mermen.” Follow his Instagram page for more.

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On the horned and hoofed crystal guardian.

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