These Paintings Explore the Human Relationship with Space And Time

It is challenging for new artists to set themselves apart, but it’s safe to say that German painter David Ambarzumjan definitely managed to do so with his series “Brushstrokes in Time.” This intriguing project is based on two-part paintings containing surreal landscapes and exploring the human relationship with space and time.

The main entries in the series see Ambarzumjan creating an underlying artwork often set in modern times. These are mostly depictions of urban spaces that include streets, tall buildings, and the absence of nature. Then, a giant brushstroke tears the existing image and opens up a portal to a moment in the past. These portals often provide a view of idyllic landscapes.

Sometimes, Ambarzumjan even flips the script. The untouched nature gets a taste of the future with a brushstroke of a concrete jungle.

“This collection showcases how the forces of nature and humanity shaped our planet over time,” Ambarzumjan explains on his official website.

The Munich-based artist recently added another layer to the Brushstrokes in Time project by producing 20×20 oil paintings in a similar style. The difference, besides the scale, is that the brushstrokes are set across the black background that symbolizes the endless void of space.

Ambarzumjan auctions of these miniature pieces on Instagram, with the proceedings “occasionally benefiting causes” he is passionate about.

Check out more of his works below.