This Animal Shelter is Begging You To Storm Them Instead of Area 51

Everybody’s jumping in on the Area 51 hype these days, as they should, because, well, why not?

But, while most are trying to join in on all of the shenanigans to try and force the United States government to reveal what’s inside the military base, one animal shelter in Texas has decided to use the latest trend to hit America to do something a bit more positive.

Instead of encouraging people to embark on what’s likely a fruitless mission, the Longview Animal Care and Adoption Center is encouraging people to adopt.

By sharing photos of their adorable but ownerless pets on Facebook in full alien-like costumes, the animal shelter hopes that people will want to adopt.

After taking a look at the photos that they shared, you’d be hard-pressed to avoid wanting to adopt yourself.

Be sure to scroll down below to see what we mean.

Be warned though, their silly and cute faces will definitely make you want to be a new pet parent.