This Designer is on a Quest For Beauty and Simplicity

Jisun Kim’s has a clean, minimalistic approach to design. After years of working in interior design in Seoul, Kim is currently studying for her Master’s in Product and Furniture Design at Kingston University in London. Based between the two cities, she shares her progress through Instagram, attracting a small following in the process.

“I want to stimulate people’s thoughts through my design work,” she relayed in an interview with Ballpitmag. “I want to proceed with the design of a new perspective that does not exist through ideas, materials, and forms.”

On a constant search for the perfect form, color, and proportion, she hopes her designs will further enhance the product at hand. “I think the perfect design should accompany the story,” she says. “Then find a unique material.”

“I think it’s important to have aesthetically beautiful designs,” she went on to say. “When I see a product that is not beautiful, sometimes I get angry,” she adds. “But before that, the reason, story and why this design is needed are more important. How do I think differently from others? This is the first question.”

Join her on her quest for beauty and simplicity.

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