This Doodle Artist Decorated Her Hometown With Her Art

According to her Instagram bio, Joke Neyrinck is a Belgian contemporary drawing artist and illustrator who specializes in doodle murals, paintings, and drawings. While creating her masterpieces, she uses a self-invented technique of automatic drawing to delve into the subconscious. This winter she decided to have some fun and decorate her hometown for the holidays.

“Now, over 30 windows in Ostend are covered with unique doodles. It’s Christmas with a special Jookdoodlewoman-twist,” she shared on Bored Panda.

Neyrinck has used many different canvases to create her artwork. She has been drawing doodles on glass, walls, and even on human bodies. She has also published a coloring book; 80 pages filled with her unique drawings.

If you are interested to see her artwork, check out her social media accounts, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, or have a look at her personal website. You can also pre-order the coloring book or buy her adorable merchandise.