This Family in Nebraska Sculpted a Lifelike Ford Mustang Out of Snow

Spring is just around the corner but for the residents of Nebraska, it still feels like winter. A snowstorm left a family in Omaha shoveling driveways over the weekend. But instead of just cleaning up the area, Jason Blundell and his two kids decided to make the errand fun and exciting.

They spent hours sculpting the snow to form a lifelike Ford Mustang and they really did an excellent job of making it look realistic. The family used a skid loader, concrete wood floats, ice scrapers, squirt bottle, and shovels to create the incredible sculpture.

Then they posted a photo of their snow-vehicle on Facebook. When Nebraska State Patrol Sgt. Mick Downing saw the post, he decided to take a look and have some fun with the Blundells.

When he appeared onsite with a patrol car, he wrote a fake tow-away ticket then left it on the car’s “windshield.” Then he shared a video of the moment he spotted the “illegally parked car” to their official Facebook page, and it immediately went viral. The Blundells were surprised to see that their creation became an internet sensation.