This Farm Offers Yoga With Fluffy Alpacas

Rosebud Alpacas is a farm in South Molton, Devon, England, that offers one-of-a-kind yoga classes.

Owners Nick and Lucy Aylett decided to run the classes in the same field where they keep their fluffy alpacas. They told The Metro that their alpaca yoga classes are a “unique experience” which is “great for mind, body and soul.”

“It’s a place where people can come to escape, take time out from technology and busy lives, a chance to spend time connecting with the land, the animals and each other.”

The couple added that all their animals are well taken care of, with high regard to their welfare.

Besides alpaca yoga, the farm also offers alpaca walking, alpaca picnics, alpaca art sessions and a special ‘alpaca connection’ package, where guests are guided in meditations and have the chance to “walk amongst the herd in mindful observation.”