This Illustrator Will Inspire You to Take Better Care of Your Plants

Illustrator and ceramist Valesca van Waveren surrounds herself with plowers and plants, which serve as constant sources of inspiration. “It makes you feel like you are being nice to yourself, to your home and to nature,” she shared with the Flow blog.

“And it doesn’t have to be an expensive treat either,” she adds. “You can often buy just two or three tall, elegant blooms or even pick yourself a wild bouquet from the roadside. You can also adopt unwanted plants that people have left out on the street, or get them through an online marketplace. And how about taking cuttings from the plants you already own – have you ever tried that?”

Based in Amsterdam with her husband Jona, their son Levi, and their cat Momo, van Waveren explores the many ways humans and nature interact. “Without plants, we would be nowhere,” she says. “They purify the air that we breathe, and much of our food comes from their fruit, seeds, leaves, and roots. By taking good care of plants, we are also taking good care of the world and ourselves.”

And even when she’s traveling about, she always makes sure to surround herself with nature, by visiting local botanical gardens in the cities she visits. “These places, which in most cases were designed and built a long time ago, are wonderfully peaceful refuges within a bustling metropolis,” she says. “But more than anything, it is the diversity of the plants that impresses me most.”

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