This Kid Has the Coolest Hair on Instagram

Image via faroukjames/Instagram

Despite being just seven years old, Farouk James is already a big social media star and successful model. How such a young kid managed to do this? Well, he has the coolest hair on Instagram.

Farouk captured the attention of social media users thanks to his mom Bonnie, who regularly posts adorable photos that show his curly and long natural hair. 

According to Bonnie, her son had long hair even when he was a newborn baby, and it just became more fascinating as he grew older. After signing him up with the modeling agency when he was six months old, she was pressured to give her son a shorter haircut so he could land more gigs but opted against it.

Now Farouk’s long hair became sought-after in the modeling industry which has allowed him to find success as a model.

“Nowadays, people are trying to get that sort of length hair.” – Bonnie said in a recent interview. “It’s cool that the fashion companies want that look. They want that androgynous look to be a little bit different.”

Take a look at some of the photos from Farouk’s official Instagram profile below.

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