This Labrador Hanging Over The Wall Will Brighten Your Day

Riley the Labrador become an internet sensation thanks to a passerby who shared a video on Twitter capturing the moment of Riley leaning over the wall.

John Berchtold was passing by when he spotted a dog hanging over the wall and dropping his ball. He immediately pulled out his phone and captured the adorable moment of this attention-seeking dog.

According to his owner, Wendy Walden, Riley is a very friendly, social dog who loves giving hugs, posing for photos, standing on a little box his mom put outside for him and hanging his paws over the wall putting on every single person’s face who passes by, a smile. The wall-doggo was only 10 weeks old when he was adopted from a shelter in Big Bear, California after he was abandoned by his former family.

Check out the cute video below. Have you ever greeted Riley?