This Lucky Girl Has Two Dads, but They Are Not a Couple

Image via Dylan Lenox/Facebook

One Facebook post by a guy named Dylan Lenox shows exactly what family is and should always be. Dylan shared a series of photos showing him and another guy together with their daughter. But despite of your first thought, they are not a gay couple.

You see, Willow is a lucky girl who has three loving parents. Her mom Sarah divorced her dad David, and is now marrying boyfriend Dylan. The way Dylan sees their whole situation is just adorable. “We have molded ourselves into one unique family, of only for the sake of our children to know the power of love,” he writes. “Not only did I gain a daughter, I gained a brother and a best friend.”

“When we care more about our children (on both sides of the party) than the way society has taught us to be towards (ex’s/baby mommas/daddy’s) then walls will fall, life will be free of hatred and remorse, and our children will conquer the foolish “norms” that media has shoved in our faces,” Dylan’s post reads.

“Willow Grace you are loved by so many people in this world and your Daddies love you!” Dylan concludes.

Below are the photos of them that Sarah took before a daddy-daughter dance. What an adorable family!