This Mom Makes Yummy Recipes for Babies and Toddlers

When Michele Olivier became a mom, she wanted to provide only the best food for her first child. She tried different brands of organic apple puree, but realized that it’s not the food that she wanted for her baby. So she decided to make her own baby food.

“I went to the market, grabbed pounds of fresh organic fruits, vegetables, spices, and herbs. Fittingly, my first acts of frenzied baby food making took place at my own mother’s house. We started off with simple recipes based on the produce in season,” Olivier wrote on her website. “I added pinches of spices and herbs to enhance the natural flavors of the produce: apples with cinnamon, sweet potatoes with rosemary and carrots with nutmeg.”

Soon after, it became her mission to share with other parents who also wished to raise their kids based on fresh foods. She started a blog about creating and experimenting recipes and called her online site “Baby FoodE,” short for “Baby Food for Ellie.”

Today, there are lots of parents who want to contribute to her blog and her Instagram account has gained over 31k followers.