This Mom Transforms Old Clothes Into Brand New Outfits

    Image via sarahtyau/Instagram

    In 2010, Sarah Tyau started sewing old clothes from her closet and transformed them into up-to-date outfits. Since then, she has altered hundreds of pieces of old clothing, from wedding dresses to oversized shirts, and turned them into stylish dresses.

    What began as a way to save money became her philosophy in life: “Look good, feel good, do good.” She sources the clothes from family and friends and thrift stores. Her excellent sewing techniques have refashioned clothes into beautiful outfits and she now plans to put up her own clothing line, with the proceeds going to the children in need.

    With 138k Instagram followers and counting, Tyau continues to amaze her fans with her stunning works and she shares techniques and designs on how to recycle your old clothes through her YouTube channel.

    Scroll down to see her latest creations.

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    Little did you know I made TWO versions of this refashion where I used my old XS shirts I had and upcycled them into a peplum top for my girls. Which one do you like better? The blue or the red? . . I spoke at a workshop today with a panel of other amazing women on the topic of Instagram. When I was invited to speak, I almost turned it down because I thought, “Me? I’m the last person who should be on that panel because I don’t take Instagram seriously, I never plan out my posts or schedule them, I literally find a photo to post seconds before posting, I don’t use it to make money or sell anything, and I wish social media didn’t exist?”😬😅 And I even told that during the panel.😳 . . But some advice I gave was to make sure the #1 reason you use this platform isn’t for personal gain, but for a higher cause. It can be to make money but instead of wanting to make a lot of money so you can keep up with the Joneses or own nice things, to make money so you can help others. If you sell a product, for the product to help others in some way and have that be the #1 goal instead and #2 on making cash. Then on the days when you don’t feel motivated to post or feel burnt out from social media, you can say oh, I am not doing this for myself, I’m doing it for a cause bigger than myself. . . Another thing I want to add is don’t take it so seriously! The number of followers or comments or likes shouldn’t have effect(or affect? I struggle with these two, guys) on your mood or happiness or self confidence. It has nothing to do with your worth, happiness or confidence. . . I’m so grateful for each one of you who follow me and support me even when I am not strategic on here and I’m a mess, I’m way too open and TMI and feel way too comfortable on my stories.😆 Thank you, it means so much to me. Even though I want to constantly quit, I’m still on here because of you. I love you. *aww so tender and precious! #grouphug

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