This Tattoo Artist Transforms the Human Body Completly

True tattoo artists treat the body as a human canvas. Rather than branding you with an anchor or a heart they transform your body completely. And if tattoos are treated as art, then Los Angeles-based tattoo artist, known simply as Roxx, has got to be the transformation master.

Her minimalist geometric tattoos, drawn using black ink only, spread across chests, arms, and legs, turning the human body in front of her to something otherworldly.

“When you’re drawing things straight onto the body, they have another magical quality to them that is often lost,” she explained in an interview with GQ.

To create her works, Roxx looks to the structure of leaves and shells. Specifically, “The repeating patterns and the geometry,” she explained, “the stuff that’s always fascinated mystics and philosophers and shamans.”

Check some of her work below.