This Train Station In Japan Has No Entrance and No Exit

Japan, also known as the land of rising sun, is a country with captivating beauty, amazing scenery, and rich history. There are many ways you can soak in Japan’s beauty once you travel to this magical island and one of the best ways is using a train.

Japan’s railway system is famous in the world, after all. Recently, a new train station in Yamaguchi Prefecture’ attracted many visitors, as it has no entrance and no exit and is accessible only by train.

The unusual station called ‘Seiryu Miharashi Eki’, which basically means “Clear Stream Viewing Platform Station“, was made exclusively for admiring the beautiful nature and surrounding scenery. Once the passengers arrive at the station, they have no way of leaving the platform – there are no stairs or ramps. The only way for a safe return is to wait for another train and the point of the trip is to relax and enjoy the scenery while at the station.

This unique station is located on a mountainside in the Yamaguchi Prefecture, along the Nishiki River – the longest river in this prefecture. We guess it’s be a sensation among the tourists.