Top Body Positivity Instagram Accounts to Follow

Diversity is beautiful. Not many people realize this, unfortunately. The society’s standards of beauty are based on the idealistic image not many people can relate to. Does that mean they are less beautiful? Not at all! Beauty is everywhere, and they often say it is in the eye of the beholder.

If you’re having a hard time accepting different bodies as beautiful, including yours, here are some of the best body positivity Instagram accounts we recommend you to follow. Enjoy!


(By @aerie)

Project Heal

(By @projectheal)

Healthy Is the New Skinny

(By @healthyisthenewskinny)


(By @proud2bmeus)

Eat The Cake

(By @soulsticeblog)

Joanna Thangiah

(By @joannathangiah)

Beauty In Curves

(By @beautyincurves)

Nourish and Eat

(By @nourishandeat)

The Body Book

(By @thebodybook)

Curve Inspire

(By @pizzaandpositivity)

Super Model Emme

(By @supermodelemme)

The Self Love Project

(By @theselfloveproject)