Tour of NYC Apartment Goes Viral for All the Wrong Reasons

Finding a good apartment in New York City doesn’t come cheap. But as it turns out, even bad apartments are quite costly, as a recent viral video posted by realtor David Okocha shows.

Okocha recently gave his Instagram followers a tour of an apartment in Manhattan’s Nolita neighborhood that is in the running for having the “worst layout” he ever seen.

Right off the bat, it becomes obvious that whoever designed the apartment didn’t have comfort in mind. The shower is shockingly close to the front door while also being basically part of the kitchen. To make it worse, it isn’t actually a shower but a small semi-open cubicle with a shower head planted on the wall and a drain on the floor.

Furthermore, the toilet doesn’t have a sink or a light, while the kitchen looks like it was randomly put together in the worst place possible. But that isn’t the best part. Despite everything, the owner still feels comfortable asking for a whopping price of $3,495 per month.

It is safe to say that internet users were shocked by what they’ve seen and made sure to show it in the comments section.

“Jail for everyone involved,” one user commented.

“That price doesn’t leave much leftover for therapy because of the depression you’ll get for living here,” another added.