Treat Your Kitchen to Handcrafted Wooden Utensils

With most of us staying at home these days, creating a comfortable living space is more important than ever. And with our kitchens becoming ever more dominant, its time we treat ourselves to some proper utensils.

Kirill Babii’s wooden kitchen utensils have got us dreaming about a cottage in the mountains, a picnic on the beach, and a glorious meal. Based in Ukraine, Babii produces his utensils by hand, with reclaimed materials and economical design at the very heart of his handcrafted homegoods line.

In an interview with the Etsy blog, Babii recounted his initial inspiration for his wooden creations. “On my way home from university one day in 2012, I came across a sycamore branch,” he recalled, somewhat poetically. “I was getting my masters in technical processes and production, but at that very moment I realized I didn’t want to spend my life in factories. I wanted to connect with other human beings and with nature.”

It was then that he began collecting wood from around the city, using it create his woodwork. “It was very inspiring to rebirth dead wood into something with another function,” he says. “I loved the process of creation.”

Nowadays he works almost exclusively with two sorts of wood: walnut wood and apricot tree. “I like them more than others because they are very beautiful,” he writes on his website, “enough strong to serve for many years even in delicate forms, malleable enough to work with it with comfort.”

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