Uber Driver Created Spotify Playlists For Different Types Of Passengers

Photo by Victor Xok on Unsplash

Everbody loves music, and it can fill the awkward silence between two strangers – a driver and a passenger. To make the Uber experience more enjoyable for passengers, driver TJ Jones (Twitter user @Teejus) decided to create personalized Spotify playlists for every kind of commuter he picks up.

Ever since Jones shared the playlists on Twitter last February, people have been sending requests and compliments on his post. His tweet got more than 250k likes and 56k retweets. You can find these songs on his Spotify page.

Due to public demand, Jones started creating other playlists based on people’s requests. Soon after, it became a profession which he describes as a music consultant and marketer. He has done several playlists and more are coming.