Upgrade Your Home with These Unique Glass Sculptures

Now, more than ever before, home is where the heart is. Its also where the rest of our bodies are. As such, we’re reminded of the importance of keeping our environment both inviting and inspiring – a place that can spark our imagination and one that reflects our personality.

Elena Zaycman’s glass sculptures will add a playful twist to your home. Centered around the natural world, they feature butterflies, moths, and plants, made using the Tiffany technique. Based in Saint Petersburg, Zaycman sells her unique pieces through her Etsy shop.

“When I began working independently, I started with small suspended pieces,” she shared in an interview with the Etsy blog, “but I wanted to take the idea of hassle-free installation even further and create something where people wouldn’t need to worry about nails or drilling holes in walls.”

Her solution? Attach the stained-glass pieces to brass bars, achieving independent objects that can easily be brought into peoples’ homes, with no hassle of actually hanging them. Naturally, the quality of the materials is equally important when it comes to their design. “I measure the quality of the glass not only visually, checking for color and cleanliness—or the lack of any extra coating—but also by touching,” says Zaycman. “Glass should be pleasant and smooth.”

Scroll down to see some of her designs and share with us your favorite (personally, we’re dying to get our hands on the glass Elkhorn Fern.)