Make the Act of Gifting a Joyful One

Gifts don’t have to be a burden (for all people involved). Take, for instance, Hereafter – a brand dedicated to custom wooden products. “Gifting with Joy” is their motto, and for good enough cause.

According to designer Yvonne Leung and the mastermind behind the unique brand, it all began with a wooden greeting card, made to last. After selling first at local craft fairs, she expanded with sales to online shoppers and store owners. Soon, she discovered that people were equally excited by her idea as she was, and a fully fleshed brand was taking shape.

Aside from laser-cut wooden stationery, her brand also sells diaries, boxes, and other keepsakes, all inscribed with personal messages – a lasting reminder of special people and treasured connections. “Before we create an item, we ask ourselves, ‘Is this something that will last and that somebody will treasure?'” explained Leung in an interview with the Etsy blog, “‘Is it something that we feel is worthwhile to bring into this world?’. I surf a lot and when I see trash in nature, it breaks my heart. We really make our products thoughtfully and with care.”

This thoughtfulness takes place at every stage of production, making her products both ecological and unique. “It’s a way to say, ‘You’re important to me and you mean something to me, so I put thought into finding something that would make you feel special,’” says Leung.