Vanity Projects Slay The Nail Game

Oftentimes, what begins as a fashion trend spirals into a full-blown art form. Take manicures, for example. With makeup artists growing in popularity for the past decade, it was simply a matter of time before nail artists followed suit.

And, perhaps, at the forefront of the nail art trend are “Vanity Projects,” a nail atelier and gallery that combines the art world with the nail salon. Founded by independent curator, Rita de Alencar Pinto, in 2008, what started as a pop-up developed into a salon that offers an artist-in-residence program.

In April 2015, Vanity Projects opened its second location in Miami, Florida, and recently relocated to The Design District. Since opening, their nail art has appeared in over 50 publications. In addition to editorial spreads, their nail artists have assisted and lead runways shows at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York and Miami Swim.

Nail artist from Vanity Projects has also been invited in pop-ups at the Pulitzer Foundation in St. Louis, the Brooklyn Museum, the Aldrich Museum, Los Angeles Contemporary Art Fair, NADA Miami Beach, Sculpture Center, and the Aspen Museum of Art.

Check out more of their eye-popping designs.