Videos of Dad catching Daughters Cheating on Camera goes Viral

Image via Dad V Girls/ Facebook

Have you ever been caught in a lie when you were little? Of course, you have, because every kid lies and cheats, especially if candy is involved. Well, one Dad from England played a little game called “Will they cheat?!” with his daughters, nieces and nephew and the results are hilarious.

Dad V Girls is a fun YouTube channel made up of Dad Joel, mom Sarah, and their four girls Kaci, Grace, Chloe, and Sophie. They do challenges and post vlogs. They film their life adventures and got viral with the video series “Will They Cheat?! – Hidden Camera Games.”

Today they have almost 30 million views on their channel and 10.4 hundred followers on Instagram. They entertain more than 200,000 subscribers and their audience is growing each day.

Check out the series below!