Want to Give Back to the Community? Why Not Volunteer Travel

Volunteer tourism is a way of fulfilling the desire to visit, experience a place, and then give back to its community. Driven by a desire to understand the place they are visiting, many tourists are seeking more hands-on travel opportunities. The benefits of volunteer traveling are manyfold ranging from very personal goals to intercultural, academic, and professional development growth opportunities.

But with countless volunteer programs, it’s easy to get lost. Recently, we’ve come across the for-profit tech company and online platform, GivingWay. According to the company, they aim to connect volunteers with non-profits on the ground for free, so non-profits can clearly communicate their wishes, and volunteers can direct their contribution where most needed.

The company receives a commission on transactions that run through their platform, such as volunteering fees paid to nonprofits and donations made through their system, so hopefully—everyone wins.

“We believe great businesses can drive impact on a very wide scale, and we are working hard to achieve this,” write GivingWay on their website. “Alright, it’s not just about hard work… we also happen to LOVE what we do,” they note.

And with restrictions of travel, their platform also provides other options such as volunteering from home, donating funds or setting up a fundraising page in ways that maximize efficiency and impact. Follow them on social media, or head to their website for more info.