We’ve Fallen for Martina Paukova’s Illustrations

Martina Paukova’s flattened illustrated scenes will make you smile if nothing else. Filled with flattened, almost ironed down, people, animals, furniture, and plants, her scenes portray the mundanity of everyday life, but with a humoristic edge.

“I used to create mostly shapes and objects (and catering products) when I started,” recalled the Slovakia-born, Berlin-based illustrator in an interview with Let’s Be Brief. “I can still remember the conversation I had with my then-boyfriend about the want to focus on people – draw people, bend people, show people and their daily whereabouts and bonds; and I went for it.”

Now, with a following of over 20k on Instagram and clients like Apple, YouTube, CNN, and Google, her distinct style is well sought after. But though her illustrations are easy to spot, Paukova still enjoys experimenting with color schemes and perspectives.

Her intricate, flat worlds, for a sort of narrative that everyone can relate to. “It can be a minimal amount of ingredients, but a certain narrative is always present,” she stressed. Take a look at some of her work in the gallery below:

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