Wow! Have You Seen Dubai Miracle Garden?

The beautiful images below is a garden located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This beautiful garden which is referred to as Dubai Miracle Garden was inaugurated on the 14th of February 2013.

The garden which now operates only from the month of October to April is made up of an estimated 45 million flowers and 250 million plants. The Dubai Miracle garden covers a land mass of 72,000 sq. meters, thereby turning it into the largest natural flower garden in the world.

The garden is made up of many flowers with varieties of color, beautifully colored umbrellas, as well as floral sculptures. It has different walkways, built and surrounded with flowers trimmed into different shapes.

This breathtaking scenery has won two Guinness awards, one for being the largest vertical garden in 2013 and second, for having the world’s largest floral sculpture in the shape of Airbus A380 in the year 2016.

The garden which entertains more than 1.5 million guests per year is usually recreated on a yearly basis as new concepts of designs are introduced into it. Wouldn’t you love to visit?