You Can Now Grow Cucamelons – a Mix of Watermelon and Cucumber

Don’t worry, this is not a magical fruit from outer space! Cucamelons are also known as “Mexican sour gherkin” or “little watermelons”. The odd-looking fruit reminds very much of watermelon on the outside and looks like a cucumber on the inside.

If this is your first time seeing a cucamelon, know that they are very beneficial to your health. The green fruits are the size of grapes and taste somewhere between a cucumber and a lemon or lime.

Some even refer to cucamelons as superfruits. The fact that they are packed with vitamins and minerals is just a part of the reasons for it. On another note, they are also very low in calories, which means you won’t be gaining any weight. And let’s not forget the very useful antioxidants. Go through the posts below to see what we’re talking about.