You Wouldn’t Believe What this French Artist Turns Cars Into!

Benedetto Bufalino is a French artist with a peculiar interest in cars. Where others see a method of transportation, a status symbol, or even a pollutant nuisance, Bufalino sees — well, just about anything! A pool, a vending stand, a ping pong table or a street lamp; the possibilities are endless, and Bufalino is the guy who can make them happen.

Take a bus, for example. Usually, we would use that to get to work or simply to travel without the added headache of finding an affordable parking space. For Bufalino, the long rectangular shape just screams “pool!” So he got a back, tipped it over on its side, hollowed the inside and filled it with water. All it needed was a ladder in front so that people may enjoy easy access into the water on those hot Parisian days.

Sports cars, on the other hand, are clearly meant to be seen and be admired. So what could be better for the entrepreneurial vendor on the street to attract customers than having his own red sports car, converted into a vending stand? Just prop up the upper half so that the lower part can be used as a multi-purpose kitchen surface, and start grilling!

These are just a few examples. Bufalino is bound to keep coming up with more ideas that are even more outrageous, so keep an eye on his Instagram page!