Young Pastry Chef Makes Beautifully Glazed Desserts

Believe it or not, these beautifully looking “things” are in fact yummy desserts made by a young Pastry Chef from Vancouver, Canada.

Ksenia Penkina is a young, passionate, and experienced pastry professional who makes Mirror Glazed cakes. She is mainly focusing on the inside world of desserts and thanks to her famous cakes with multiple colors and effects she got titled as a Glazing Queen.

Thought by the most respected Pastry Chefs in the world, Penkina decided she would share her work on her Instagram account where she has more than 340k followers.

“People would know me for my glazing style and I am highly attentive to it. I must say, glazing is my favorite part. However, the most important part is the cake itself.” – the Chef shared.

Scroll down and see her yummy desserts below.