Your House is Craving Rainbow Colors

Miranda Moreira life philosophy is simple but poignant: staying present. “I try to be aware of living in the present and enjoying each day, even the harder ones,” she relayed in an interview with the Little Citizens Boutique Blog.

Her brand, Bride & Wolfe, is very much the embodiment of this notion. Known for her eye-popping designs, she produces vibrant objects and decorations inspired by art and popular culture. Those are meant to be hung as statement pieces, adding a playful edge to your otherwise mundane surroundings.

Launched in 2005, her brand specializes in limited edition, hand-finished home pieces paying particular attention to design and materials. Her designs include graphic art pieces made from mirror, enamel, and powder-coated steel, characterized by modern forms and a bold sense of color.

“I’m so visual, seeing colors and patterns whilst food shopping can be as inspiring as looking through art books or surfing the net,” admitted Moreira. “I’ve become more nostalgic since I’ve become a mum, and my childhood in St Kilda is hugely influential- panel vans, hot summers on the beach, icypoles and Oz rock!”

Her products are all designed in Australia and made in small quantities in collaboration with local Melbourne makers, which make for an extra fabulous (and oftentimes, truly unique) addition to your home.

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