YouTube Rewind Celebrates People, Trends and Moments that Defined 2018

YouTube recently presented the YouTube Rewind 2018, the latest entry in their annual series that celebrates “the videos, people, music and moments” that define the given year.

As always, this video-sharing social media recruited popular celebrities for the video including actor Will Smith and EDM star Marshmello as well as some of the most influential YouTubers like Casey Neistat, James Charles, Liza Koshy, Marques Brownlee, Ninja, and The Try Guys.

The popular 2018 trends presented in the video were video game Fortnite, K-Pop, and Mukbang, while the memorable moments included Walmart yodeling kid and Elon Musk sending his Tesla in space.

You can check out the full YouTube Rewind for 2018 below.