87-Year-Old Creates Awesome Paintings in Microsoft Paint

Image via conchagzaera/Instagram

When people retire, it seems like they suddenly have all the time in the world to fill with various hobbies. Many go with the classics, such as reading, gardening, knitting, but some take up more unusual activities.

Concha Garcia Zaera has been creating these MS Paint drawings ever since her children gave her a computer. Speaking for El Mundo, she said: “My husband fell ill and I had to take care of him, so I couldn’t go out very often. I began painting little things: first, a house, the next day I’d add a mountain… Step by step, I was adding details, and in the end, the result was a very pretty thing.”

This humble artist claim that she has “no imagination at all, so [she] gets inspiration from the postcards that [her] husband used to send [her] or drawings that [she] finds and likes.”

What do you think, is she talented or what?

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