This Woman Continues to Create Amazing Optical Illusions with Makeup

Image via mimles/Instagram

Mimi Choi is a professional makeup artist from Vancouver, Canada. She became famous because of her unique illusionary work.

She has more than 600k followers on Instagram and she continues to create surreal makeup looks inspired by paintings from artists such as Salvador Dali, and her own experiences of having vivid hallucinations during sleep paralysis. These frightening visions have inspired many of her distorted looks.

Before discovering the art of makeup, Choi was an educator and worked in a pre-school for three years. Now, she leads various masterclasses at Blanche Macdonald and she’s also a freelance art director for several campaigns and collaborations with brands like MAC, Make Up For Ever, Samsung, and many more.

Scroll down to see her latest mind-boggling artworks.

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