A Full-Time Engineer Became a LEGO Artist

Image via onebrickatatimelego/Instagram

Joseph Kraham, a full-time engineer and father of three, is an artist who makes LEGO mosaics.

Although he never thought he would become an artist, everything changed in 2014 when his pet died. Kraham decided to memorize his family’s beloved furry friend, so he started making a portrait of it by using LEGO.

“It was just supposed to be that one piece, and then I’d be done,” Kraham explained. “But here I am, three years and 40 pieces later.”

 Every picture he does is made from scratch with an art style called pointillism where small, distinct colored dots form an image. The technique also involves painting the LEGO pieces with Acrylic Lacquer aerosol spray and a brush.

Kraham usually donates his work to charities or popular Houston athletes like Jose Altuve.

Scroll down and check out his work below.